The symbiotic relationship between culture, creativity, tourism, and technology

Cultural & Natural Heritage

Encompasses the collective efforts, policies, and activities aimed at preserving, managing, and promoting the tangible and intangible cultural elements and natural landscapes of significance to society. This includes archeological and historical sites, parks, and museums.

Performance & Celebration

Activities, events, and gatherings that involve artistic or cultural presentations, often in the form of music, dance, theater, festivals, feasts, fairs, or rituals, for the purpose of entertainment, cultural expression, or commemoration.

Visual Arts & Crafts

The creation, production, and exhibition of visual artworks and crafts, which include paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, photography, new media art, and other forms of artistic expression.

Books & Press

The creation, publication, distribution, and dissemination of written and materials physically or digitally, including books, newspapers, magazines, and digital publications, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge, information, and literary works.

Cultural Tourism

Sustainable travel and tourism activities that focus on experiencing and exploring the cultural heritage, traditions, arts, and historical sites of a destination, offering visitors opportunities for cultural enrichment and cross-cultural exchange.

Design & Creative Services

Professionals and businesses providing creative design solutions, including graphic design, architectural and interior design services, fashion design, advertising services, and other creative services, to meet aesthetic, functional, and communication needs across various industries.


The innovative use of technology, digital tools, and platforms to enhance, preserve, promote, and engage with cultural heritage, arts, and creative expressions in new and interactive ways, often bridging the gap between culture and technology.

Audiovisual and Interactive Media

The creation, production, distribution, and consumption of audiovisual content, including film, television, video games and e-sports, virtual reality experiences, and interactive digital media, as a means of storytelling, entertainment, education, and communication.